ELCoin.Trade is a platform created to perform as a BitCoin and e-Currencies Market place where registered and unregistered users trade Buy and Sell their Cryptocurreny(ies) and e-Currencies using local and international currencies or Cash whichever suites the involved parties.

The following Services are offered by ELCoin.Trade website and along with its subdomain websites :

  1. Buy and Sell BitCoins
  2. Send and Recieve BitCoins
  3. BitCoin Wallets
  4. CryptoCurrency Exchange (feature launching soon | under development)
  5. Online Money and Cash Exchange operations (feature launching soon | under development)
  6. Various online payment processors or methods money exchanges and trades (feature launching soon | under development)
You are advised to read our terms and conditions before using our services, failure to do so, you will be automatically acknowledging them and you are bound by them (terms and conditions.)

Our Main offices: 315 St Germain Ave Toronto ON M5M 1W4 | Toronto ,Ontario | Canada

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